Caprica Tidbit

In March, it was announced that the executive producers of the new Battlestar Galactica–Ronald D. Moore and David Eick–would be teaming up with 24 writer Remi Aubuchon to develop a prequel series titled Caprica. The show will focus on the development of the Cylons, as well as a character we’ve heard a little bit about: Joseph Adama. Today, TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello let us in on some news about Admiral Adama’s father and his ties to some shady folks.

Question: It’s been three weeks since Battlestar Galactica premiered and you have hardly said a peep. Can you please give us something? — Melanie
Ausiello: Unfortunately, one of my key BSG moles has dried up and fallen off, so you’re going to have to settle for a little scoopbit on Caprica. According to a source close to the spin-off, organized crime will play a big part in the series. Turns out Granddaddy Joseph, whom Lee speaks so highly about on BSG, actually has ties to the Caprican mob. It’s only slightly alluded to in the Caprica pilot, but I hear the Sopranos of Caprica funded Joseph’s education and, naturally, they expect some favors in return.

You can read more news and spoilers about other shows on Ausiello’s blog.


Also in Caprica news, the TV Addict shared a few lines from the pilot script he has. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t click on the following link.

Our family will survive this, we’re going to put our lives back together. Your mother is gone and Tamara is gone. They’re not coming back.

Suddenly, without warning, tears begin to stream down William’s cheeks. Joseph takes his son in his arms and they hold each other tight as Joseph struggles with his own emotions.

I want you to know who you are, William. We come from a long, proud line of Tauron peasants who knew how to work the land and still stand proud. You’re named after your grandfather, did I ever tell you that?


He was killed in the Tauron uprising fighting for what he believed was the right of all the Children of Kobol — to live free. It’s a good name William and you should wear it proudly. And our last name isn’t Adams – I changed it when I arrived on Caprica.

Our family name is… ADAMA and it’s a good, honorable Tauron name.