Resource List

This show can pack a wallop with the amount of information in even one episode; therefore, I offer you a list of resources to use in trying to keep everything straight, making mental images of the road map to Earth, and finding out all those tidbits about the show that others may ignorantly consider to be “useless trivia”.

  •’s Battlestar site: In case you didn’t know, this is the cable network that hosts the show. Here you can find videos (clips and full episodes), photos, character and actor bios. It is also the place to find video blogs from one of the show’s executive producers, David Eick.
  • Hulu: This is a recent addition to the internet, and plays host to a number of television shows and movies. On this website you can find full episodes and clips from the classic Battlestar Galactica, Galactica 1980, and the reimagined series.
  • Ronald D. Moore’s blog: Get news and tidbits about the show straight from the fingertips of one of its executive producers.
  • Ronald D. Moore’s podcasts: While there have been a few issues getting them started for Season 4, the executive producer does his best to talk you through the week’s episode in this series of podcasts. He lets you in on the writing process, what happened during shooting, details about the storyline, and all kinds of other goodies die-hard fans love.
  • Battlestar‘s Wiki: This database gives you access to information on everything from the original series to the current one in six different languages. But, as with any version of Wiki you encounter, my degree in biology makes me feel obliged to warn you that just because something is said in an article does not mean it is factual nor accurate. These sites can be edited by anyone, and mistakes are only caught by those who read the text and re-edit it themselves. But it is still a good place to get started when searching for information.
  • Here you can purchases DVDs, episodes, books, apparel, and anything else your heart may desire regarding the show, and usually for a good price.
  • Galactica Sitrep: This is one of the top, if not the top, BSG blog around. It’s been recognized by the Chicago Tribune and Entertainment Weekly.
  • Battlestar_blog: A rather large community of LiveJournal users gather together to discuss episodes, throw around theories, and share news here.
  • Join the Fight: Relax and have some fun with other fans of the show. Pick a side–Humans or Cylons–and battle for victory.  I’m known as CallMeLydia over there; feel free to add me as a friend.

Know of something I missed? Leave a comment and let me know so I can edit it in.