Auction Item Wishlist #2

In the couple of weeks leading up to the final BSG auction, I’ll be posting my Top 10 wishlist of things I would buy if I had the money to do so.

Searider Falcon (Burnt Version)

Bill and Laura are one of my all-time favorite couples on TV, and I would love to have a piece of television history from the two of them.  Plus, it would be awesome to have experience like the person who bought the uncharred version at the last big auction and got to have Edward James Olmos autograph it.  You can read about that over here if you’re a member of the BSG community blog on LiveJournal.

My Top Ten List:

2. Searider Falcon
3. Slick’s Sheet Music
4. Kara’s Painting
5. Bottle Collection
6. Baltar’s Labwork
7. Apollo’s Gun
8. The Red Dress
9. Cards and Cubits
10. Book of Pythia

All images are from the Auction catalog.