Survivor – Season 3, Round 14

Having trouble remembering exactly what happened in each episode because you watch a whole disc at a time and they all start to run together?  (Or maybe that’s just me.)  Check out the episode guide to help you vote.

The object of the game is to vote off your LEAST favorite episode of Season 3. You have until 12pm Eastern on Monday to vote for your least favorite episode of BSG’s second season. Don’t think an episode should’ve been kicked off yet? Unhappy that an episode is still around? Leave a comment and share your feelings.


Season 3:
8. Maelstrom
9. The Eye of Jupiter
10. Rapture
11. A Measure of Salvation
12. Collaborators
13. The Son Also Rises
14. Taking a Break From All Your Worries
15. Torn
16. The Passage
17. A Day in the Life
18. Dirty Hands
19. Hero
20. The Woman King