Battlestar Galactica the movie?

This may not be as exciting as it may sound.

There’s been rumors flying about the internet for the last couple of days about Bryan Singer (director of X-Men, X2, and Superman Returns) directing a new re-imagining of the 1970s show.  This version would not be the same storyline as Edward James Olmos and company just finished up, it would be a completely new spin on the original.

Well tonight we have confirmation from Entertainment Weekly‘s website that this is actually going to happen.  Singer will team up with the original show’s creator, Glen Larson, to make the movie.

Personally, I hope this idea gets canned somewhere along the way.  The tv show–which was popular and critically-acclaimed–hasn’t even been off the air for six months.  I know these two wanted to make a movie before the show got rolling, but why would you go up against the show so soon after it’s ended?  Especially when it’s a show that’s so frakking awesome as this one?

I have to wonder with Eick, Moore, the cast, and others affiliated with the television show think about this.

As brittersrae said on Twitter tonight: “I think I get why all the old-school BSG fans were so mad. Except that our show was good. So.”

And if they turn Starbuck back into a dude, I might cry.  Just a little.