Casting News – Dollhouse Edition

Jamie Bamber, English-American actor.
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In case you haven’t heard, there are a couple of BSG alums who will guest roles for the beginning of Dollhouse‘s second season.  The Joss Whedon show already stars Tahmoh Penikett, aka Helo, and now will have Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama) and Michael Hogan (Saul Frakkin’ Tigh) as guest stars.

I’m very excited at this for a couple of reasons.  The first, it’s always nice to have the guys be back on the screen, especially together.  Second, hopefully it will improve Dollhouse in my eyes.  The show is ok so far, but nothing too spectacular, which I find to be a little sad.  So hopefully this and finding a way to watch the episode “Epitaph One” will improve my thoughts on the matter.