BSG wins TCA

Last week, the show took top honors at the Television Critics Association Award by winning Program of the Year.  Too bad the Emmy award people aren’t nearly as cool.  For a list of winners, go here.

Bear’s House of Blues Concert

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you go and read Bear McCreary’s blog about his House of Blues concert during Comic Con.  It’s filled with tons of great pictures, some videos, and a lovely retelling of the events of the night.  Go check it out.

My Apologies

Forgive me for being a huge salcker and not posting during the BSG highlight of the summer–Comic Con.  From all teh things I heard, saw, and read, there were really only two big things that excited me (the rest just made me in sanely jealous).  The first being, Edward James Olmos hinted at the fact that if DVD sales for The Plan did well, then it might be possible for them to shoot more BSG movies, a la Razor.  Exciting, no?  So be sure to pick up your DVD when it comes out in late October.

And the other thing?  Could Adama men be more adorable?  I submit that they cannot:

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BSG Marathon

If you’re poor like me and can’t afford to go out today and buy the Season 4.5 DVDs or the box set of the complete series, then turn on SyFy for the 4.5 marathon that runs from 8am-4pm.

BSG DVD Coupon – Save an Extra 25%

With both Season 4.5 and the complete series coming out on DVD today, here’s a coupon you might find of value.  If you head over to and use the coupon code JULY9, you can save an additional 25% off of their sale prices.  Check it out:

4.5 DVD
SRP $49.95; DD PRICE: $31.89; after discount, $23.92

4.5 Blu Ray
SRP $69.95; DD PRICE: $43.89; after discount, $32.92

Complete Series DVD
SRP $279.95; DD PRICE: $173.09; after discount, $129.82

Complete Series Blu Ray
SRP $349.95; DD PRICE: $219.89; after discount, $164.92

The coupon is good from July 28th-August 2nd.

Pictures From Last Year’s Comic-Con

In honor of things getting started at this year’s Comic-Con, here’s a look back at the BSG panel from last year.  My personal favorite moment was when Katee impersonated Tahmoh doing Blue Steel while shooting “Resistance”.  Hilarious.

Complete Series BluRay Review


Sitrep has a review up for the release of the complete series on BluRay.  You can go and read it over here.  I wonder just how good the show looks on BluRay; I’m betting pretty fraktastic.  The complete set will be released this coming Tuesday.

More Tubey Voting

Head on over to TelevisionWithoutPity to vote for BSG this week.  They’re in three of the ten categories, so go and show your love.

Mary McDonnell on The Closer

Mary McDonnell was on last Monday’s episode of The Closer.  Anyone see it?  I heard she was her awesome self.  Sadly, I can’t find the full episode to link you to (or watch for myself), so if you saw it, let us know what you thought.

Tidbits About Soundtrack

Jason from fandomania has a post on his blog giving you a look at the coverart for the season 4 soundtrack and a bit of a review.  Keep an eye on his website and/or twitter for a chance to possible win a free copy of the soundtrack.