Vote Adama currently has a poll running for “Excellence in Outsourcing”.  They’ve come up with five TV actors who do amazing American accents, and wouldn’t you know it, Jamie Bamber (a.k.a. Leland “Apollo” Adama) is one of them.  Currently he’s losing to another favorite Brit of mine, Hugh Laurie, but people shouldn’t underestimate the BSG fandom.

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“Sine Qua Non” – Recap

I was going to do the normal recap for this episode, but then one of my friends on LiveJournal posted this amazing picspam of the episode tying the dialogue to previous episodes in a way that is nothing short of amazing and beautiful; thus, crazyvictoria will be doing the recap for this week. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

Sine qua non: without which not. On the surface, this episode is about men and women dealing with their feelings about each other. A man searching for the woman he loves; another trying to come to terms with a woman he hates, one he loved, and perhaps one that he didn’t plan on; a child ascending to adulthood with a gun to his head. If you look deeper, though, there’s a whole other story being told: that of the past. As the pictures opened and spun their tale, whispers of a time past filled my conscience. Do you love me, Gauis? You’ve lost perspective. I’m not giving up on you. Sine Qua Non’s brilliance lies its second story. It brings us back to the early days: Starbuck’s disappearance, a broken fleet, occupation, deaths. Sin Qua Non is You Can’t Go Home Again, and The Hand of God, and Kobol’s Last Gleaming, and Home, and Epiphanies, and Lay Down Your Burdens, and Maelstrom, and Crossroads. Every scene, every line crafted to mirror those that have come before them. Sine Qua Non is, quite simply, Battlestar Galactica.


Sine Qua Non: A Story in Pictures

4×10 – “Sine Qua Non”

Written By: Michael Taylor
Directed By: Rod Hardy

Synopsis (Battlestar Wiki): President Laura Roslin’s abduction by the Cylon Hybrid triggers a bitter power struggle within the Fleet.


Grace Park News and Video

Grace Park, a.k.a. Cylon model #8, will be taking part in A&E’s first scripted drama in six years. You can read more details about it here.

Also found this video this morning of someone giving Grace a robot quiz while she was shooting the cover of a magazine.  Sorry, I can’t figure out how to embed the video, so you’ll have to click here to view it.

And don’t forget, “Sine Qua Non” airs tomorrow for most of us.  You can find previews here, and my review is already up.

“Sine Qua Non” – Review

I may or may not have downloaded this Friday’s episode of “Sine Qua Non” thanks to some kind UKers. Since a lot of people haven’t seen it yet, I’m putting it behind a cut so you won’t be spoiled. I’d also avoid reading any comments this may generate as well if you want to stay in the dark. Continue Reading

Extreme!BSG – Discussion Question

This question was brought up to TV Guide’s Matt Roush this week: “Is BSG too trigger happy?” We have seen and heard of many examples of violence on this show: murders of the innocent and not-so-innocent, rape, and weapons galore. But do you think it’s too violent of a show? Or is there another extreme Battlestar shows too much of, such as religion?

What are your thoughts?

And, as a sidenote, to you people in the UK who got to watch this week’s episode early–so jealous.

News, Photos, and Videos

“Guess What’s Coming to Dinner” just came up on Hulu this morning, so hopefully I’ll have a recap up within the next couple of days, but for now some weekend tidbits:

  • Who’s the first person Entertainment Weekly has listed in their “33 Hotties Over 50” List? The fabulous Mary McDonnell.
  • Carole Segal’s website has about 100 never-before-seen stills from Seasons 1-3.
  • Couple of videos: the first is a Q&A session with Edward James Olmos and the second is Tricia Helfer’s appearnce this week on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

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“Sine Qua Non” – Preview and Sneak Peek

Since it won’t air for another week, I thought I’d try and hope you wait out another seven days by posting the preview and sneak peek for next Friday’s episode early. Since several actors used this episode for their Emmy submission tape, I think it’s going to be a good one.


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Sneak Peek:

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News and Tidbits

I was going to do a big news update, but since I haven’t done one in a week it was going to be MASSIVE.  So let’s just work with the Google alert e-mails I’ve received just this evening.

First, io9 is sharing details about Ron Moore’s new show, “Virtuality”.  How would you handle going on a long term mission traveling in a cramped space ship?

Second, news we’ve been waiting for ever since we heard Season 4 will be split in the traditional ten episodes–break–ten episodes schedule.  Buddytv, who spoke with Jamie Bamber about the mid-season hiatus, is saying that the show will come back in late 2008 or early 2009.  Honestly, can’t say I’m surprised.

And finally, here’s a list of what the actors sent in as their Emmy submission tapes, courtesy of this website:

Best Actor:
Edward James Olmos – “Sine Qua Non”

Best Actress:
Mary McDonnell – “Faith”

Best Supporting Actor:
Jamie Bamber – “Sine Qua Non”
Michael Hogan – “Sine Qua Non”
James Callis – “He That Believeth in Me”

Best Supporting Actress:
Tricia Helfer – “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner”
Grace Park – “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner”
Katee Sackhoff – “Six of One”

FYI: “Sine Qua Non” is the episode that will air next in the schedule.

My question to you is, do you think the actors made the correct decision in their episode choices?  I think they’re pretty spot on, and it’s making me even more excited to see the next episode.  The only thing that bugs me with this is I think Aaron Douglas should be on this list, and if I had to erase a name to do it, then it would be Mr. Bamber.  We just haven’t seen that much of Lee this season, and the Chief has been through all kinds of stuff so far, and Aaron Douglas has been brilliant with it.  What do you think?

Happy Birthday, Helo

Birthday wishes go out to actor Tahmoh Penikett.  May you have a great day and an even better year.

Photo from All About Tahmoh‘s Flickr