“Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?” – Review


  • Semi-glad to see Lee back.
  • Very glad to see Laura verbally beat up on Lee.
  • Adama and Tigh getting down to business together when the basestar shows up was great.
  • I love that Galactica doesn’t look all pretty and shiny.  It’s a nice touch that I think would’ve worked in favor of other shows like Star Trek: Voyager.
  • Nice opening hit in the preview clips of Athena shooting something.
  • Awesome CGI of Marines disembarking onto the basestar.
  • Really like the chairs in the wardrooms.
  • Anytime I hear someone call Gaeta “Felix” it makes me think of the end of the third season when Baltar starts yelling, “Oh, Felix.  Oh, Felix!” while Gaeta was on the stand and it makes me laugh.
  • Aww, Lee’s still wearing his wedding even though he isn’t really married anymore.  You’d think he’d realize by now just how much like his father he is.
  • Laura busting Tory for sleeping with Baltar was amazing.  I was honestly afraid that it was going to be another Cylon hallucination, but thankfully it wasn’t.
  • They are so much like a family with Bill and Laura as parents that it’s great and heartbreaking at the same time.
  • It’s been a while since we’ve seen Baltar’s nasty side, and I’ve kind of missed it.
  • Yay for them to acknowledge Hera, and wow was her first line creepy.
  • Why can’t Starbuck adn Roslin have more lines together?  They are fabulous in scenes with each other.
  • The sight of Cylons wearing capri pants makes me giggle.
  • Laura has Bill’s favorite book with her on the trip to the baseship.
  • Mommy!Athena is awesome.  Why haven’t we seen more of this?
  • I love how everything is coming full circle, especially Chief being the person Athena asks for help and Roslin and Starbuck teaming up again.
  • Fantastic ending.  Of course the hybrid is going to jump the ship out of self-preservation.  Silly humans.
  • Gaeta singing.  Bravo, Alessandro Juliani.


  • Space is not “thin air”; it’s the lack of air.
  • Why are images of ships in the fleet looking very… plastic modely this episode?
  • They leave Hera all by herself in the quarters?  I find that difficult to swallow.
  • Guards don’t seriously pull a gun on the Six for touching Hera?

My Questions:

  • Why do we still have no comments on Cheif’s shaved head?
  • Why isn’t Anders being punished for shooting Gaeta?
  • Is Lee gutsy or stupid to keep offering Roslin advice?
  • Where did Baltar get all his interior decorations in a fleet with very limited resources?

Katee and Caprica Casting News

I know I said I’d have the review posted by now, but in the sixteen hours I’ve been awake, I’ve driven five hundred miles and taken cold medication. Trust me when I say you do not want me writing things right now.

Instead I’ll give you newly released casting info. First, our beloved Katee Sackhoff will play a recurring role in four episodes of Nip/Tuck as “Dr. Theodora “Teddy” Lowe, a new doctor who challenges Sean (Dylan Walsh)”. As for Caprica, the latest addition to the cast list for the pilot is Polly Walker (Cane and is pictured below).  She will play the role of Sister Clarice Willow, “the gracious, eloquent and duplicitous high priestess and headmistress of the Athena Academy, a private religious school”.

Photo from About.com

4×09 – “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?”

Written By: Michael Angeli
Directed By: Wayne Rose

Synopsis (Battlestar Wiki): President Roslin’s leadership is tested as the Galactica teams up with Cylon rebels in a plot to destroy the enemy’s vital Resurrection Hub.


As a sidenote, I will be heading out of town this weekend, so I may not be able to get a review up till Sunday night, but I’ll do my best to get it done as quickly as possible. I just watched the 10 minute preview on SciFi.com (airing at the top of the hour every hour between 9am and 4pm EST), and the opening is very intense. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

Major Production News

There will be life after BSG, and not just in CapricaWord was released tonight that there will be three Battlestar Galactica made-for-TV movies going into production starting this summer.

I’m sure there will be more updates on this over the next few days and weeks, but for now–get excited.

So what would you like to see covered in one of the movies?

“Guess What’s Coming to Dinner” – Preview and Sneak Peek

Both videos are from YouTube this week, so enjoy!


[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/G8mpZxSW8HI" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Sneak Peek:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/vb4Z0H2JsiI" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

One Will Be Revealed – Discussion Question

Alright folks, it’s the discussion question you’ve been waiting for: Who is the Final Cylon?

Being the devoted fans we are to the show, there are all kinds of theories out there about this person’s identity (I’ve even heard some ideas of it not being a person). But being the scientist I am, I need data. So here’s what we know so far:

  • According to Leoben, “Adama” is a Cylon. But this could very well have been him frakking with Starbuck’s mind. (“Flesh and Bone”)
  • D’Anna knows the identity of the Final Five. One of the faces was so shocking for her to see that she apologized to them, possibly for actions she took against them. Was this the unnamed Cylon? Was it Saul for being tortured and losing an eye on New Caprica? Was it to Anders, whom she nearly killed on Caprica? (“Rapture”)
  • The other seven models have been programmed not to think about the identities of the other five. The Raiders won’t fire on the remaining five models. (“He That Believeth in Me”)
  • There have been two hybrid monologues with mentions of the Final Cylon. The first from “Razor”: “Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening, struggling with the knowledge of their true selves. The pain of revelation bringing new clarity and in the midst of confusion, he will find her. Enemies brought together by impossible longing. Enemies now joined as one. The way forward at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering.” And the second from “Faith”: “Thus it will come to pass. The dying leader will know the truth of the opera house. The missing Three will give you the Five, who have come from the home of the thirteenth.”
  • There is this Season 4 promo image of a BSG version of “The Last Supper”. According to Ron Moore, everyone was specifically placed to tell subtle messages about things going on. According to Aaron Douglas and Katee Sackhoff, there are no secret messages in the picture. But if you believe Ron, there is an empty seat for the Final Cylon, which means if the character is already visible in the picture, then they’re not the Final Cylon.

So what does this all mean? Well, let me share my personal thoughts on the matter.

Who I do not think it is going to be: Laura Roslin, Kara Thrace, William Adama, Lee Adama, or Gaius Baltar. I’m almost willing to add in Zak Adama to the list, but part of me wonders if Lee’s little speech in the season opener regarding Zak wasn’t foreshadowing, so we’ll leave him off for now. But for the other five, it’s just too obvious. I do believe that some of them, namely Laura and Kara, have special roles, but I do not believe being the Final Cylon is one of them. I also know that it won’t be Cally or Helo, or else our hybrid babies wouldn’t really be hybrid babies now would they?

Who I think it is: I have two thoughts. The first is Dualla. She married Apollo, which would make her an Adama. Also in “Valley of Darkness”, when Centurions invaded Galactica, Apollo and his hunting party found the aftermath of a firefight. Dee was the only one conscious, if not the sole survivor. Her only injury was a concussion, which could very well have been the result of someone from the Colonial side of the fighting, if not herself. And if the Raiders won’t fire on the Final Five, it’s possible that Centurions won’t either. But here’s the problem with this theory: we’ve seen Centurions fire on members of the Final Five before. Granted they’ve all survived to this point, but that doesn’t mean the Centurions were intentionally letting them live.

My other idea is Gaeta. He was certainly howling in terrible pain in the last episode. Also, he was a member of the resistance on New Caprica, like the other final models. He’s also found himself entrenched in technological events relating to Cylons, such as Baltar’s test and the Cylon virus. But all of this could just be coincidence and mean nothing at all.

So here’s my question to all of you: Who do you think the Final Cylon is? And since I’m a teacher, I’m going to have to ask you to explain your answer.

Casting News, Videos, and More!

Good morning, and welcome to the belated weekend news roundup. First off this morning, my e-mail was full of news about the latest two additions to the cast of Caprica.

Playing the role of Daniel Graystone, husband to Amanda, will be Eric Stoltz (The Butterfly Effect).

Photo from USAToday

Also in casting news, we learned that Daniel and Amanda’s daughter, Zoe, will be played by Alessandra Torresani (Malcolm in the Middle).

Photo from IMDb.com

In other news:

  • There is a video clip on Bear McCreary’s blog of a recent concert he performed. In case you didn’t know, this man is the amazing composer who supplies the show’s soundtrack.
  • This site talks about Tricia Helfer doing a PSA for PETA and has a picture of the ad.
  • Media Blvd. Magazine has an interview with Aaron Douglas. There is one question with spoilers about the rest of the season, but it is a great interview to read.
  • And Happy Belated Mother’s Day to Athena for making the list of “TV Moms We Love” in SFGate.

For the video portion of this post, I give you three offerings. The first two are Q&A sessions with Lucy Lawless and James Callis. The third is a video of country music artist Brad Paisley and his band visiting the set and hanging out with Aaron Douglas.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.hulu.com/embed/LibECj9bL7hR6jWnvXOs9A" width="510" height="295" wmode="transparent" /]

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.hulu.com/embed/ugRat5Bh9E448ZyFjE7tjQ" width="510" height="295" wmode="transparent" /]

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.hulu.com/embed/rfQijVI2ebCx1CUIO8_pkg" width="510" height="295" wmode="transparent" /]

“Faith” – Recap

Ingredients: 7 Known Models, 4 Models Living in Secret, 1 to be Revealed. Mix and let stew for four seasons.

Previously on BSG: President Roslin’s cancer returned. Kara painted her memories of what Earth looked like, while sending her crew on the Demetrius on a wild goose chase around the sector trying to find an elusive sound. The Cylons started a civil war, while a Leoben escaped to offer a truce with Starbuck and the chance to talk with the hybrid on his basestar in order to find Earth. And despite her crew’s wishes, Kara decides to take Leoben up on his deal, so Helo relieves her of command. Continue Reading

“Faith” – Review


  • Drums starting right at the beginning = you know is going to be an action-packed cold open.  Yipee!
  • Tory actually doing her job and not acting bizarre nor sleeping with Baltar?  I love it!
  • Getting to see a jump from a window?  Amazing.  Just like watching that first jump to hyperspace through the viewport in the Millennium Falcon in A New Hope.
  • Again, Kara is talking about sounds again.  More evidence for the Ship of Lights theory?
  • The fade into Starbuck’s art was a great touch.
  • I love Nana Visitor, and she certainly did not disappoint with this guest appearance.
  • The hybrid on the baseship takes the cake when it comes to all things Cylon and crazy.  But major props to the actress who plays her (it?) for pulling that role off and not making it look stupid.
  • Please, oh please, give Mary McDonnell an Emmy.
  • I was getting very upset that Bill didn’t show up till the last few minutes of the episode after not being in last week’s show at all.  But man did that two-minute conversation (if that) with Laura make up for the loss of airtime.  I love the two of them so much.


  • These people are going to need decades of therapy once they find Earth.  Poor things.
  • So why didn’t Starbuck just leave on the Raptor at first instead of having that major snafu go down?
  • I can take a lot of blood and guts; I’m a biology teacher who gets excited about teaching dissections.  But even I had to look away when Gaeta was shot and Starbuck and Athena tried to patch him up.
  • How did Emily’s teeth suddenly look so great?  Is there a cosmetic dentist on the boat somewhere?

Questions I Now Have:

  • So did Baltar have his own near-death-boat moment or is he just making some lucky guesses?
  • How easily will D’Anna give up the identity of the Final Five?
  • They all must have been really distracted not to notice Sam freaking out on the baseship.  I wondered what would’ve happened if he stuck his hand in the glowing, gooey command console?

I know there was quite a bit of dislike for last week, even though I didn’t mind it too much.  But this week, the show is definitely back.  And yay for the preview for next week showing an answer to a question I’ve been griping about for a few weeks now.

So what did you think?

4×08 – “Faith”

Written By: Seamus Kevin Fahey
Directed By: Michael Nankin

Synopsis (Battlestar Wiki): The cancer-stricken President Laura Roslin and hotheaded pilot Kara Thrace both must make difficult leaps of faith in order to accept an uneasy alliance with the Cylons.