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One thing I’m not a big fan of with this blog’s format is that I can’t respond directly to people’s comments. I think if you’re kind enough to come visit here, let alone leave a note, then you deserve a little interaction. So here are my replies to some comments left by you guys: Continue Reading

“Faith” – Preview & Sneak Peek

Preview from YouTube:

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Sneak peek from Hulu:

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Meet Joseph Adama

More casting news from Caprica, and this time it’s for a character we’re already familiar with: Joseph Adama.  For the new series, the role will be filled by Esai Morales of Jericho and NYPD Blue fame.  He certainly looks like he could be Husker’s father.

Photo from Shoreline Motion Pictures

“The Road Less Traveled” Recap

12 Cylon Models = 7 Known + 4 in Secret + 1 to be Revealed

Previously on BSG: Starbuck takes command of a sewage recycling ship called the Demetrius to look for Earth, but she spends most of her time acting crazy and redecorating her quarters, leaving her crew to doubt her. Well, her crew except for Helo who ends up playing camp counselor. Meanwhile, the Cylons have started a civil war with the Brothers Cavil (with their girlfriend Boomer), Simons, and Dorals against the Sixes, Leobens, and the rest of the Sharons. And on the Galactica, Tory airlocked Cally because Mrs. Tyrol knew her husband, Saul, and the President’s Chief of Staff (or whatever her title is for the job she can’t possibly have time to do because she’s too busy acting weird and sleeping with Baltar) are Cylons. Oh, and Baltar thinks everyone is perfect and has a harem. Continue Reading

The First Caprican

We have the first casting news for the upcoming BSG prequel, Caprica. Playing the role of Amanda Greystone will be Deadwood‘s Paula Malcomson. For more details (including spoilers for the show) go read about it here.

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Mid-Season Hiatus and Other News

  • Official news that the final season of the show will be split into two parts as was done in previous seasons.  The first part of Season 4 will conclude on June 13th, and the remaining ten episodes will start again “sometime during the 2008-09 season“.
  • Boston Globe’s Joanna Weiss has an interview with Edward James Olmos about the end of the show.  No explicit spoilers, but some of it is spoilerish.
  • mencc1701 on livejournal has made a chart showing the ups and downs of the Colonial population since “33” and up to last week’s episode.
  • Some casting news for Jamie Bamber and Mary McDonnell.

Weekend News Update

Some articles, photos and videos to share with you:

  • Pictures of the lovely Katee Sackhoff attending TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars party.
  • Article about the people of CSI turning down Katee for their show. Probably not the smartest move they could’ve made.
  • Interview with Ron Moore about the religion behind BSG.
  • Find out which Cylon you are with this quiz.  Here are my results:

Which Battlestar Galactica Cylon Are You?

More on Battlestar Galactica. Created by BuddyTV


  • Three videos from Hulu.  The first is the cast talking about bloggers and how “savvy” their fans are.  The other two are Q&A videos with James Callis (Baltar) and Michael Trucco (Anders).

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“The Road Less Traveled” Review


  • Starbuck’s art; it’s just pretty to look at and makes sense that she would paint everywhere to try and sort things out.
  • Kara Thrace is more frakked up than ever and major kudos to Katee Sackhoff for being able to pull off that level of acting.
  • CGI space scenes make me smile. The close up of Hotdog’s Viper engines? Beautiful.
  • All I could think of when Chief was jumping rope and Nicky was crying until Daddy turned the radio back on to Baltar was, They could be the BSG version of The Odd Couple.
  • Glad to see the officers on board the Demetrius are continuing to promote the right to bear arms. For Helo especially, I would be willing to buy tickets to the guns show.
  • Leoben is a Kara/Sam ‘shipper. Mwahahaha.
  • Please give Aaron Douglas an Emmy. As if last week wasn’t amazing enough, other than his talks with Saul and Tory, all he did was either be silent or scream at Baltar. And it was great.
  • It wasn’t until he showed up in a commercial before the last act that I noticed Lee hadn’t appeared in the episode. That’s pretty much how little I care about his character now.


  • Shame on you for going an entire episode without showing Roslin or Adama, let alone the two of them in the same room using books as analogies for their relationship.
  • Oh, Michael Trucco and your crazy eyes. It’s just a smidge too far. I halfway expected Tyra Banks to come out and start critiquing him like it was America’s Next Top Model on how to control the emotions in the eyes while there’s a camera on you.
  • You’re not going to give us a reason why Chief shaved his head? Really? Not even a throw away line about some traditional mourning period thing or a fleetwide epidemic of lice?
  • I so wanted Anders to be there when Leoben showed up, if only for Sam’s reaction to Kara’s line about taking Leoben to her quarters. This is probably from being a huge fan of The Office and an even bigger fan of Jim Halpert reaction shots.
  • I really hoped that wardrobe made a mistake with Baltar’s promo shots and we wouldn’t ever have to see the Hugh Hefner robe. But I guess we should be grateful that it was sans the very fake looking chest hair peeking through.
  • Please, oh please, no more Tory sex scenes. Especially with Baltar. Did that scene even serve a purpose? Other than the director showing off how creative he can be with camera shots to get around the nudity? Unnecessary.
  • Anders needs to pick between a clean shave and full-on stubble, because the three-day-old goatee is not working.

Questions I Now Have

  • Who really wears the pants in the Agathon family? Because I don’t think it’s Helo at the moment.
  • Speaking of the Agathons, it bears asking once again: Where is Hera?
  • How does Leoben know what Earth looks like?
  • Why did the Chief shake Baltar’s hand? Is he really trying to move past things or is he setting up the cult leader for something?

What did you think?

4×07 – The Road Less Traveled

Written By: Mark Verheiden
Directed By: Michael Rymer

Synopsis ( When a Heavy-Raider manned by Leoben Conoy docks aboard the Demetrius, confrontations form between the crew over the possibility of a truce with Cylon rebels, while Starbuck puts her trust in an old enemy.


“The Road Less Traveled” – Previews and Sneak Peek

The previews are from YouTube this time, for those who view this site from some place other than America (hello and thank you to you all!). But Hulu is the only place that has the sneak peek–sorry.

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