More Tubey Awards Voting

TelevisionWithoutPity is holding another round of Votes for their Tubey Awards.  Go here to vote for BSG in most of the categories (sadly, even some of the bad ones).

Want to Design a Website for Bear McCreary?

Well now’s your chance, although the deadline is in a few days.  I have no idea how to build a website rom scratch (I rely heavily on premade templates in the few times I’ve done webdesign), but if you do, then you might be interested in checking out this contest.

Guess What I Got at the Library

I’ve seen a BSG novel every once and a blue moon, but my library had two to offer up when I was there last week:

I’ve read Peter David’s work before and thought it was decent.  If I’ve read Steven Harper’s work before, I don’t remember it.  I’ll be giving reviews of both books once I get done with them.  They’re next on my To Read list after I finish Carl Hiaasen’s Lucky You.

Virtuality Review

I watched the backdoor pilot of Virtuality on Hulu the other night.  If you were to ask me whether or not it was enough to make me want to watch the series, I’d say no.  It does have an interesting concept: twelve astronauts are sent out to another star system to find a habitable planet for people on Earth to move to since our planet will die within the next century.  To occupy their time, they have these headsets that let them escape to virtual realities and live out their fantasy, except now there’s a glitch and instead of enjoying some relaxing alone time, a mysterious character is showing up and killing everyone inside their virtual module.

I don’t want to give too many spoilers away in case you want to go watch it for yourself.  There were some gorgeous special effects and camera shots, but not that I’d expect anything less from these people, but the story wasn’t enough to get me hooked.  If you saw it, what did you think?

Virtuality Premieres Tonight

Ron Moore’s new show, Virtuality, premieres tonight at 8pm on Fox.  Ron’s writing with Peter Berg directing has great promise.  If you’ve seen Friday Night Lights then you’ll understand why I think that.  And if you haven’t seen it, you need to.  I’ll be working tonight when it airs, but I’ll see if Hulu has it and write something up about it.

Friday Favorite Discussion

Each Friday, the BSG community on LiveJournal has a discussion about a certain aspect of the show.  This week is talking about your favorite character arc.  Click the picture below to jump in or read what others have to say.

EJO Interview

Here‘s a backstage interview with Edward James Olmos from Wednesday night’s Saturn Awards. Sorry, I’m still not great at learning how to put videos from different sources on this blog.

RIP Lorena Gale

Image via Wikipedia

Sadly, Lorena Gale, the actress who played Elosha, passed away on Sunday after battling stomach cancer.

Lorena Gale passed away on Sunday after a brief but courageous battle with stomach cancer. Her husband John was by her side. A wonderful actress and a lovely person, Lorena’s many credits included the Ten Thirteen productions “The X-Files,” “Millennium” and “The X-Files: I Want To Believe.” In lieu of flowers the family asks that donations be made to Vancouver General Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit. She will be greatly missed.


Saturn Awards for BSG, Mary and EJO

Congratulations to everyone on the show, especially Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos for their Saturn Award wins last night.  Mary and EJO won for Actress and Actor on Television, and the show won for Syndicated/Television Series.  Let’s hope Emmy voters follow suit.  For a complete list of winners, go here.

More Bear Concert Coverage

Last week I posted two pictures and two videos from composer Bear McCreary’s recent BSG-centered concert.  Over on GalacticaSitrep, you can find a few more videos and some very exciting news–the Season 4 soundtrack will be released on July 21st.  I need to get this; I miss Bear’s music so much.  His soundtrack for Caprica is out now, if you want to get it.